Just enjoying Pedro

Hello again, everyone! Well, a lot has happened with the New York Metropolitans since the last time I posted my blog.Pedro They have gone through some major ups and downs. It’s a very good thing that  it is a long season. I am writing this MLBlog on the weekend of the second Subway Series of 2005. Last night, Pedro Martinez pitched another stellar performance. There are not enough adjectives to describe what a gutsy pitcher he is. It has been a long time since the Mets had a stopper like him. I don’t think it’s as far back as yours truly’s era, but I’d have to say it’s been a while. It’s all the intangibles put together that makes Pedro what he is. He is a leader on this team. With him on board and a few of the other new additions, it is clear that the organization is going back to the formula that gave us our two world championships. To paraphrase Ernie Banks’ famous line, "Let’s take two more." When I write my next MLBlog, maybe we can talk about a Mets sweep! We can dream, can’t we?


  1. greg_23165@msn.com

    Well, thanks to Looper, that dream of a sweep will have to remain a dream. What a disheartening loss on Sunday night.

    Pedro has become an attraction for NY fans, drawing an extra 10,000 every time he pitches. He’s the best thing to happen to the Mets since Piazza’s early days here.

    But just as wonderful as Pedro’s been, Beltran’s performance at the plate evens things out. He’s been just awful and it’s only his play in the field that prevents this from being an all-out rant against him.

    I can’t remember the last time he had a quality AB. I hope he shapes up over these next 2 weeks since they will make-or-break the Mets season.

  2. ruthkes@aol.com

    Pedro Martinez is one of my favorite baseball players and a very smart and gifted pitcher. As a Red Sox fan first (though raised a Mets fan), I miss him, but I’m happy that if he had to go that he ended up with the Mets. I still try to catch his games when they are televised and I only wish him the best.

    I was at last year’s World Series in St. Louis (pinch me…it happened) and Petey was sitting in the front of the bus smiling and pointing at all of us out there cheering for him and that is how I will always remember him.

    He’s a piece of the puzzle that the Mets needed. Enjoy!

    And he’s really funny, too…

    Ruth Kessler

    Burlington, MA

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