Final Subway Series thoughts

And then . . . it wasn’t!


Just when we thought there was a sweep of the Yankees on the horizon, it was gone. While I want to say that it was a good Subway Series this past weekend, the truth of the matter is, Saturday’s game was played very poorly and was a struggle to sit through.  It’s tough to broadcast a game like that, because how do you keep the people interested? Kris Benson had another quality start and if his arm problems are behind him, we could be looking at a nice one-two punch with Pedro and Benson.

To respoBeltran_2nd to Greg’s comment in this MLBlog about Carlos Beltran, I think when you come to New York from a smaller baseball city, it is very difficult to get used to. New York is a pressure cooker. For those players who come up through the farm, like Jeter and myself, it is easier for us to adjust because we really don’t know any better  and you become used to it faster. Remember what happened to Roger Clemens? His first year with the Yankees, he could not find his way and Joe Torre kept encouraging him and asking the press not to badger him. He found his way and with his stint in pinstripes he accumulated two rings and a Cy Young to add to his Hall of Fame repertoire.

I think all in all, it was a fun three days for the city of New York. I have never been a big fan of Interleague Play and it only works in certain cities. Chicago and New York are the best rivalries, in my opinion. This weekend was full of excitement. It’s great for every baseball fan it’s great for New York City. I think other matchups are probably a stretch!

Just my two cents. Looking forward to blogging again soon!

Just enjoying Pedro

Hello again, everyone! Well, a lot has happened with the New York Metropolitans since the last time I posted my blog.Pedro They have gone through some major ups and downs. It’s a very good thing that  it is a long season. I am writing this MLBlog on the weekend of the second Subway Series of 2005. Last night, Pedro Martinez pitched another stellar performance. There are not enough adjectives to describe what a gutsy pitcher he is. It has been a long time since the Mets had a stopper like him. I don’t think it’s as far back as yours truly’s era, but I’d have to say it’s been a while. It’s all the intangibles put together that makes Pedro what he is. He is a leader on this team. With him on board and a few of the other new additions, it is clear that the organization is going back to the formula that gave us our two world championships. To paraphrase Ernie Banks’ famous line, "Let’s take two more." When I write my next MLBlog, maybe we can talk about a Mets sweep! We can dream, can’t we?

Going vine-yard

Hello again, everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed reading comments on my first blog.

Let me answer some of your questions., we are looking at about two and a half years before our wine will be ready to be sold. I have a waiting list already, and if you are serious just send an email with your address and we will put you down on the list.

As you all probably know, I have built a vineyard on about three acres and we have Cabernet grapes. It truly has become my passion.

Even though it has become my passion, baseball will always be right there among everything in my life, so let me not lose my focus.

Let’s talk about Interleague Play, which resumes Monday with the second round. I wasn’t a big fan of it when it started but Interleague Play has added in certain areas a vWrightery interesting draw. The matches that everybody is watching — such as Mets-Yankees,  Cubs-White Sox, St. Louis-Kansas City — are wonderfully obvious attractions. But trying to find a natural matchup with a team like Seattle is very difficult in Interleague Play. It was pretty amazing that last weekend, the Mets drew their largest crowd ever for a three-game series in their history. (Here’s a picture of that catch in the stands by David Wright.)

As far as the National League East goes, I think it will be a horserace to the end. Atlanta has always been able to figure out a way to get there, and the Mets are much improved; and the Marlins with their pitching are going to be right in the hunt.

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Here comes the first pitch

Hi, everyone! Welcome to my MLBlog.

I want to thank MLB for allowing me the opportunity to do this new, hi-tech form of speaking to you. I have been vehemently resisting learning how to do things on the computer. Being a child of the ’60s, I am not compelled to change and become modern. Those around me have convinced me it’s time, so here I am.

Let me tell you a little bit about what I am doing. Approximately six years ago, my wife Nancy and I sold our home in Connecticut and built a house in California. We are native Californians and it feels good to be back home.

The funny thing is I moved to California and was in semi-retirement and then I became a broadcaster for the New York Mets, five years now and it brings me back to the East Coast each March through September. It feels good to come to New York because it was home for a very long time and we have a lot of wonderful memories here, both personal and professional. While I played in other places, I will always be a New York Met.

Speaking about the Mets, we should all be very excited about what is going on with this team. All Met fans should be very excited about the two young players on the left side of the infield. There will be a learning curve over a period of time and we will see these two young players develop into top notch major league competitors. The key to success in major league baseball, regardless of position is learning from your mistakes mentally and physically. And that leads to the top notch level of play and both these individuals have that potential.

The core players will carry this team. Beltran, Beltran_1 Floyd, Piazza and Cameron. And any team that is going to succeed must have high quality consistency in their pitching.

The new manager, Willie Randolph has done an excellent job. He is calm, cool, collected and totally focused on what he believes is the right direction for this team. You can’t miss when you go to grad school working for the very successful Joe Torre.

Again, thanks for allowing me the opportunity to blog with a fellow HOFer and a 1969 World Series nemesis, and my friend Brooks Robinson. Looking forward to blogging with you again soon and don’t forget to check out my website at and my partner website at